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Hello, my name is Megan Rorabeck — Welcome!

Dr. Megan Rorabeck, DPT, WCS, a board-certified women's health clinical specialist physical therapist, is recognized as a specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Rorabeck founded Between the Hips, LLC to provide education and empowerment on women's health topics via writing, coaching, and speaking platforms. As a full-time practicing clinician, she helps patients return to living the life they enjoy. She also teaches courses for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at her alma mater, Carroll University.

Dr. Rorabeck enjoys camping and fishing, competing in triathlons, reading, and traveling. She loves a good cup of coffee, a beautiful sunset, the smell of the salty ocean, a cool breeze on a hot day, and being surrounded by laughter. When not in the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, her children, and their shepherd-mix dog, Vortex.


More about Megan

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic health, I committed to becoming a Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS). My nearly yearlong study and preparation for this specialty certification was invaluable, and as a woman, I couldn’t believe how unaware I had been of some of the essential information I was finally learning. Honestly, I was also angry. I was angry that prior to this time, I had not been able to obtain this information in an accessible, comprehensive way.

I was especially saddened to discover that so many women are not being taken seriously and receiving the help they need. My patients—brave and courageous—have shared their stories with me, summarizing sometimes years of physical pain and emotional distress, being passed from one healthcare provider to another without answers and without being closer to a solution. I have cried and empathized with these women, and then as a result of their physical therapy treatment program, I have celebrated with them as they returned to living their life without pain and without pelvic floor dysfunction.

After becoming a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association, I thought, “What am I going to do about it now?” As a full-time practicing clinician, I realized I could only help as many women each year that my scheduled allowed for—and that just wasn’t going to cut it. So, I founded Between the Hips, LLC in 2019 to provide education and empowerment on women’s health topics via writing, coaching, and speaking platforms. My book, Between the Hips: A Practical Guide for Women, is my answer to better serve and help. I hope this book opens a platform for you and other women to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Go tell your friends, shout it at the top of your lungs, and know there is help!

Society has shamed us women into keeping quiet about issues between our hips, but not anymore. Now, through the knowledge of what is normal and what is not, you will have the power. It’s about damn time!



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Between the Hips: A Practical Guide for Women

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized type of physical therapy focusing on dysfunctions specific to the pelvis, abdominal wall, spine, and hips. Those of all genders and of all ages may benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy. Common issues treated include:

Bladder Dysfunction

> Leaking urine with strong urges and/or coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting

> Strong, sometimes uncontrollable urges to urinate

> Frequent urination disrupting your daily schedule and/or sleep at night

> Feeling incomplete bladder emptying

Bowel Dysfunction

> Bowel leakage

> Strong, sometimes uncontrollable urges to have a bowel movement

> Constipation

> Incomplete bowel emptying or excessive straining to empty

> Frequent bowel movements disrupting your daily schedule

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

> Feeling of pelvic pressure, heaviness, or bulging

> Associated bladder or bowel symptoms

Pelvic Pain

> Bladder, rectal, or genital pain (clitoral, vaginal, labial, testicular, scrotal, penile, etc.)

> Low back, hip, tailbone, or abdominal pain

> Pain with intercourse, gynecological exams, or during menstruation

> Decreased pelvic sensation or increased pelvic sensation

Post-Surgical Therapy

> Post gender affirmation surgery

> Post-prostatectomy impairments (bladder dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, pain)

> Post hernia repair or abdominal wall repair

> Post gynecological surgery such as hysterectomy or prolapse repair

Sexual Health Dysfunction

> Decreased ability to achieve orgasm

> Erectile dysfunction

> Pain with masturbation or intercourse

> Decreased pelvic sensation or increased pelvic sensation

Throughout the Lifespan

> Childhood bed wetting, constipation, bladder leakage

> Adolescent bladder, bowel, sexual health, menstrual pain

> During pregnancy and the postpartum time period

> During and around menopause

Your pelvic floor physical therapist will first simply talk with you to better understand what is going on. This will include asking you questions about your past medical his­tory; your bladder, bowel and sexual health; details surrounding any pain, along with any other relevant issues and symptoms.

Next, as part of the objective examination, if you agree and if you find it tolerable, your physical therapist will perform an internal pel­vic floor muscle assessment vaginally or rectally. This does not include use of a speculum; it is a one-gloved finger examination of the muscles, fascia, and nerves within the pelvic floor. Sometimes, this is done at a later visit if you prefer to wait, or doesn't have to be done at all if that is your preference. This postponement is okay because the physical therapist can still use the first visit to assess (at a minimum) your spine, belly, and hips.

Your physical therapist will establish a treatment plan based on your individual needs. This typically will include aspects from a behavioral and lifestyle standpoint as well as a neuro-musculo-skeletal standpoint. Taking a holistic treatment approach, to address you as a whole person, is the goal.

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Check out what clients say

Megan is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful coupled with a warm, compassionate manner. After seeing multiple specialists for unresolved pelvic/hip pain with no diagnosis and a proposed surgical plan, I was referred to Megan, who immediately identified the source of my pain and reassured me that together with treatment and a simple home plan, I would be pain free. After 5 weeks, I am grateful to have a diagnosis, to have avoided an unnecessary surgery, and to be back to running and skiing with no pain.


Chronic Pelvic Pain

After silently suffering extremely painful intercourse for nearly 10 years I began treatment with Megan. Her knowledge and understanding of my problem along with her incredible compassion and encouragement set me at ease on my first visit. Megan assured me that she would be with me every step of my journey to pelvic health and wellness. I am ecstatic to say that after just 3 months of therapy with Megan, along with faithful daily at-home therapy and exercises, I feel like a new woman. Not only did Megan’s skill help me physically, but also she helped me to realize that “I am worth it.” Both my husband and I thank Megan from the bottom of our hearts. She literally changed our lives.


Chronic Pelvic Pain

Everyone talks about postpartum in terms of baby blues, nipple tenderness, being extremely tired, etc. No one tells you about how intense the healing process is on your muscles, especially in your pelvic floor. I contacted Megan when I was 7 weeks postpartum because I was experiencing really uncomfortable pressure and was concerned. Megan was so thorough in educating me throughout the entire process. Additionally, she was so reassuring and confident in my recovery. I am so thankful I found Between the Hips!!!




“To be heard, believed, and validated is powerful. To have a plan for healing is life-changing.”

Megan M. Rorabeck

Between The Hips: A Practical Guide for Women

by Megan M. Rorabeck, DPT, WCS

Gone are the days when women had to accept their symptoms just because they had a baby, got older, or were plagued with “female trouble.” With Dr. Rorabeck as your guide, you can finally shine a light on your pelvic health challenges, become empowered, and learn solid solutions.

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